What to Wear to a Wedding – wedding guest attire you’ll be thankful you wore

One of the biggest questions wedding guests ask themselves is… “oh, what to wear?!” Especially women!

With endless shopping websites, wedding guest attire options become overwhelming. As tempted as you may be to pick the most lavish and beautiful dress of all… with the accompanying four inch heels… you may instead want to consider comfort before style!

Of course you want to look fabulous and stylish. But, above all else, as you’re dancing the night away and eating boatloads of delicious food, don’t you want to be elegant AND comfortable? We think that answer is a most definite yes! That’s because with comfort comes less stress and more FUN!

So! Here are some ideas you should consider for BOTH style and comfort when selecting your wedding guest attire…

Go flexible. A dress or skirt with some stretch and flow ensures you can eat and dance with ease. You can still wear a fitted dress so long as the fabric has some give to it – but we love to see flowing fabrics at weddings (think dancing pictures!). These high waisted maxi skirts come in all colors AND you an pair them with your favorite top. The material is ideal for upcoming summer weddings!

Bring foldable flats! Again ladies, think the dance floor. If you’re not keen on going barefoot, foldable flats are your answer! This particular pair is so simple and feminine, and they can fold right into your purse. If you have heels you’re dying to wear, then wear them to the ceremony and cocktail hour. But, when it’s time to boogy, you’re all set with backup!

Dont sink! Wear heel stoppers. Those clear “pop on the end of your high heels so you don’t sink into the ground” stoppers. These babies are a life saver especially for weddings in tents where the floor is the earth. You won’t sink or face the task of cleaning muddy heels at the end of the night! Brides, bridesmaids and guests can ALL benefit from these handy creations. Genius we say!

Stay warm with a pashmina. Pashminas add an immediate sense of elegance to any dress you’re wearing and come in number of colors and materials. They’re also a handy way to add a pop of color to a neutral or black dress. It’s also easy to stash away when you’re ready to party. Jackets are far too cumbersome – unless it’s winter! You get a pass for winter.

Carry a stylish fan. For summer weddings where the ceremony takes place outdoors, carry a stylish fan in your purse! This Etsy shop makes adorable options in all colors to complement your wardrobe and help keep you cool under the sun.

Wedding Guest Attire to avoid…

Jeans. Leggings. Shorts. Just don’t do it!

A white dress. This is a given.

Itchy material.

Four inch heels. Five inch heels.

Neon. Unless the wedding is an 80s theme!

Anything that makes you say exclaim curse words while putting on.