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The Top Five Reasons to ABSOLUTELY Hire a Wedding Planner

Hire a wedding planner

Are you stuck on whether or not to hire a wedding planner due to a restricted budget? Let me help sway you to find the budget…

Experienced wedding professionals PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT; i.e., the wedding you’ve been planning on Pinterest for the last five–ten years! So, reserving the cash to ensure your day is managed, planned, and executed without fail is WORTH EVERY PENNY.

NO, I’m not a wedding planner; I am, however, a seasoned wedding photographer, and I can tell you… I have seen devastating disasters. Stuff that could have so easily been avoided with the right professionals in place.

Hire a wedding planner, wedding reception table decorated

Experienced Wedding Planners Actually Protect Your Investment. Of course they cost money, but ultimately they SAVE YOU MONEY.


  1. THEY KNOW THE BEST VENDORS IN YOUR AREA. This is worth its weight in gold. Forget the guess work of finding a reputable caterer or photographer… the right DJ… or a florist with your style…
    Experienced wedding planners have proven success with these vendors and are willing to put their reputations on the line to recommend them! Trust that, and use it to your advantage. Keep in mind, too… these vendors have all worked together before; so, they bring an established cohesiveness. THIS MATTERS!! Your wedding couldn’t come together any better than a group of professionals who know and respect one another and have worked along side each other before. So, if you hire a wedding planner, you’re also ensuring a fabulous team. For example, every time I get hired through a specific planner as a photographer, and I see the list of other vendors I’ll be working with, it’s always a breath of fresh air to see a certain videographer on that list. We know exactly how to work along side of one another because we have before so many times. He’s not getting in my shots, I’m not getting in his shots… which makes for a fabulous outcome for the couple. Cohesive teams like this happen with planners.
  2. STRESS FREE – DELEGATE IT TO THE PROS. Imagine not having to stress out for six months to a year leading up to your wedding? Imagine just being excited and not worrying about your chair sashes… if the accent lighting is going to work… shuttles pick up people at the right times from the hotel… or the caterer is ready with that special surprise french fry hiding in the cake! None of that should be your concern on your wedding day… let the wedding pros do what they do best of all… which is take away that stress!
  3. FREEDOM THE DAY OF YOUR WEDDING. This goes with #2 and is especially for those DIY minded people… do you really want to be setting up and breaking down your own wedding… while triple checking everything is set up correctly? Or, do you want to be sipping champagne as you get your hair and makeup done with a sense of calm, ease and excitement to JUST ENJOY this day you’ve been waiting for since… well forever! Then head off to your after party when your reception is over instead of breaking down tables and carrying out centerpieces from a venue that’s about to kick you out by 11 pm. Wedding planners take care of ALL OF THIS.
  4. DAMAGE CONTROL. THIS IS CRITICAL. If on the day of your wedding, something goes uncannily wrong, do you ever hear about it? NO. Does the problem get solved without your blood pressure rising even ONE iota? YES. Why? Because the people you hired handled it LIKE PROFESSIONALS and knew what to do. They know what to do. They know who to call. They have back up people to call, have seen everything before, and are crisis control experts! I have personally seen a DJ just not show for a wedding. Can you imagine managing this crisis on your own at your own wedding? NO! Hiring a wedding planner means DAMAGE CONTROL because they know just who to call… and how to keep the stress far FAR away from you! Because they’ve seen it all before, they have tricks up their sleeves, and the resources to handle the unexpected. Plus, using a wedding planner means the vendors that are ultimately chosen are also TRUE professionals and not going to pull a no show or “forget” the wedding day.
  5. WEDDING PLANNERS CAN ACTUALLY WIND UP SAVING YOU MONEY AND PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT ON YOUR ENTIRE WEDDING DAY. I’m not just talking about the monetary investment, but the emotional investment! Think about the true risk of hiring the wrong people for your wedding and what that could mean for you such as the devastation involved with a vendor not showing up? I HAVE SEEN THIS HAPPEN. Or a photographer who wasn’t as experienced as you thought and didn’t capture your wedding properly… or lost some pictures… I can go on here. Don’t risk the unknown and be very careful hiring the cheapest people.

It Costs Nothing to Get Married.

This is the truth. You can go get a marriage license and go to a courthouse and get married for $150. You can do the same at a church. Nobody has to spend $10… $20… $40,000 or more… to tie the knot. It’s a choice to hold such an event that honors you and your spouse. A choice that requires lots of emotional investment and financial investment – yet is so worth it if you consider you’re only doing this ONCE and the memories will last you for the rest of your life…

So, hiring the wrong people, or the cheapest people… or risking your sanity and stress levels by DIYing your entire wedding… is going to cost you one way or another. Try to find a planner who’s reputable, experienced and has a package you can work with. If it means you eliminate wedding favors, extra cakes and dessert bar, or go a bit lighter on your florals… I assure you it’s money well reserved to secure and hire a wedding planner that fits your needs.

Are you looking to hire a wedding planner in the Maryland, DC and Virginia area? Check out our vendor’s directory here.

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Author Kimberly Dean is a professional wedding photographer based in Maryland and Publisher of Valley Bride Wedding Guide. To view her wedding photography, simply click here.