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Without a Hitch: Preparing a Spring Wedding Emergency Kit

spring wedding emergency kit

Keeping Minor Issues at Bay and Allergies in Check

With Spring Wedding just around the corner, we want to remind our readers of these handy tips to ensure your day goes off without a hitch! 

By: Kelly Smith

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

When it comes to planning YOUR wedding, despite your best efforts, the possibility of something “not going according to plan” is still likely. That’s where little bit of proactive preparation and ingenuity come into play!

So, we’ve listed some essentials to create your own spring wedding emergency kit to help remedy any unexpected glitches.

A Few Essentials:

Gather everything from beauty products, to sewing supplies for that accidental snag, and/or pain relievers for that uninvited headache.

Don’t forget to toss in the Pepto or TUMS for those pre-wedding jitters that have wreaked havoc on your churning stomach. 

For those outdoor events, grab the bug spray and sunscreen!

Finicky zippers? Rub a little Chapstick right along the zipper track and “voila,” you’ll have a working zipper again!

Spilled red wine on that white dress? Whip out that stain remover stick or even some white out if it’s just a tiny drop (and if you don’t have access to some detergent).

Dead cell phone? Cell phone chargers are often overlooked as well, so be sure to include a charger! No bridal party member wants a dead cell phone, especially if the Best Man plans on using it to access his speech.

spring wedding day
Red wine stain on your gown? Be sure to have a Tide pen handy or some Dawn on hand! White out also works in a pinch for smaller stains…

Allergy Season Additions:

Spring is also upon us so take into consideration all of the blossoming trees and blooming flowers that bring along with it those dreaded allergy symptoms: itchy, red watery eyes, runny nose, dizziness, drowsiness and maybe a sore throat. 

Combat those symptoms by stashing a few non-drowsy allergy tablets in your kit along with tissues, eye drops, and waterproof mascara (no need to have your mascara running as much as your nose!). Correct redness from wiping your nose with a mineral makeup compact… or a correcting powder compact. Carry a handkerchief to wipe your eyes – and your nose! – if need be.

Use chapstick on a snagged zipper!

Who’s in Charge:

Don’t hesitate to delegate the task of preparing the wedding day emergency kit to the Maid/Matron of Honor and or a reliable family member… there’s no sense in adding one more item to the bride’s extensive wedding day checklist. 

If you prefer certain brand name products and it’s easier to do it yourself, go for it. Already prepared kits are also just a few clicks away on familiar sites such as Etsy, or Amazon. See our full list of recommendations below to get you through your special day… without a hitch!

Dental floss can serve as thread for a wedding dress faux pas…

Emergency Kit Recommendations:

Medical Supplies:

Eye Drops
Allergy Tablets (Non-Drowsy)

Beauty Products:

Nail Files
Compact Mirror
Hair Spray
Bobby Pins
Waterproof Mascara
Make-up Powder Compact

Hygiene Supplies:

Hand/Body Lotion
Bug Spray
Floss Picks
Mini-Deodorant (Clear)
Tampons/Panty Liners
Cotton Swabs

Mini Sewing Kit:

Safety Pins
Super Glue
Hem Tape


Phone Charger
Tide-to-Go Pen
Granola Bar
Static Guard
Extra Earring Backs
Lint Roller
White Out


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