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Maryland Wedding Restroom Rentals: a story of love, a dream, and a restroom trailer

Curated by Kimberly Dean

Optimum Restrooms, LLC owners, Jacob and Kristin of Frederick Maryland, first fell in love… and then into business… while planning their own wedding. But, the sticker shock of Maryland wedding restroom rentals inspired them to pursue a dream.

Today, that dream has become reality as Optimum Restrooms is freshly up and “flushing” for couples across Maryland.

Jacob Grove shares how their dream unexpectedly came true below…

Jacob Grove and his fiancé and business partner, Kristin Webb, happily pose outside of their new Maryland Wedding Restroom Trailer. The unit is now available for rent for events and weddings!

Kristin and I have always talked about how awesome it would be to own a business one day. The problem was, we didn’t know what type of business we wanted. It was a dream that took us many years to figure out and achieve.

How it Started…

We attended several events that all had a restroom trailer on site, especially for rustic farm weddings. Kristin and I realized restroom trailers were becoming a popular option for formal events. Yet, it wasn’t until after our own engagement and planning our own wedding that we realized just how expensive they are.

Once we decided on my family’s farm as our venue, we researched pricing for Maryland Wedding Restroom Rentals. Let’s just say, the quotes we received came as a shock.

So, we got to thinking… maybe this was our chance to pursue that business we always wanted to own together. There’s a demand for restroom trailers, we’ve seen the sticker shock of the pricing, and perhaps there’s something we can do about that.

A Dream Suddenly a Reality

So, after a few weeks of discussion, we decided this was our opportunity to turn our dream into a reality. We researched business start-ups, found the right trailer, crunched the numbers, and made the decision to go for it.

Maryland wedding restrooms, maryland restroom trailer inside, optimum restrooms llc
Hard to believe this is a restroom trailer!

With Optimum Restrooms officially up and running, our main goal is to bring affordable restrooms to weddings, parties, community events, etc., while offering great customer service and a no hassle experience.

A busy year awaits us between a new business and planning a wedding of our own this fall… but we are so excited for this new adventure and can’t wait to see where it leads.

The Love Story

As told by Kristin

Jake and I spent a lot of Summer 2012 fishing, riding ATVs around the farm and just hanging out…

One evening, as we sat on his parent’s porch, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I found that I had fallen head over heels for that quiet boy from high school. He was sweet, caring and an all around genuine person with a heart of gold. I decided to say yes.

Our first official date as a couple was to The Great Frederick Fair. I introduced him to one of my fair favorites, the apple dumplin! Every year, we have a date night at the fair. We always end the evening with an apple dumplin. Just like our first date.

I am a hard one to surprise, but Jake definitely got me good with his proposal…

It was a rainy Sunday in September. I spent the afternoon shopping with my mom, and when we pulled in to my driveway afterward I noticed my now soon to be father-in -law talking to someone.

I figured it was someone picking up hay, so I thought nothing of it. Jake was on the porch in a nice outfit, which seemed odd since it was a rainy afternoon.

I became irritated when I realized my entire porch had been re-arranged. After spending Saturday getting it all decorated for fall – now everything was out of place!

I walked up the front walkway asking Jake why he moved everything, and he wouldn’t answer. Instead, he just sat in the rocking chair looking at me.

I thought he was joking…

When I got right in front of him, he spun a pumpkin around that read “Marry Me?” I thought he was joking and looked back at my Mom who had the biggest grin on her face.

He barely got down on one knee before tears rolled down his face. I immediately found myself crying just as much. My family, his family and my best friend hid in the barn as an additional surprise. They were ALL in on it. The rain derailed his original plan, so he went with this… and it was perfect.

Our proposal was simple, just like us. I wore a baggy sweatshirt, hair in a messy bun, and rain boots with cows on them. Not dressed up for a special occasion by any stretch, but it was memorable and at the place we called home.

September is a special month for us. We started dating, got engaged and will soon be married in September.

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