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Maryland Wedding Flowers: Combining Convenience and Savings Without Sacrificing Beauty

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An Interview with The Rogue Petal Company – by Kelly Smith 

When it comes to Maryland wedding flowers, nothing beats the alluring natural beauty and heavenly aroma of freshly cut flowers. They’re so fragrant… intoxicating and beautiful. For many couples, real is the only way to go and a healthy budget awaits to afford these installations and arrangements. 

When Your Dream Flowers Don’t Align with Your Budget…

Such is also the case for many Maryland wedding couples… the real deal just isn’t affordable for their vision. So, what then?

In the past, silk flowers often looked cheap and very fake; however, massive improvements in the realistic design of artificial flowers has created a higher demand for faux options. Today, they look more realistic than ever before.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Alyssa Grogan, owner of The Rogue Petal Company in Baltimore, to learn more about the up and coming demand for faux florals.

Creating the Rogue Petal Company

Alyssa’s inspiration behind creating The Rogue Petal Company followed her own wedding planning adventure. Although planning her own wedding proved to be “incredibly exciting,” she also felt overwhelmed with the excessive costs. After determining an overall budget, the urge to splurge continually plagued the couple. Rather than giving up on the flowers she absolutely adored, she chose to go rogue.

Through trial and error, Alyssa was able to create the bridal bouquets of her dreams using silk flowers. The experience worked so well, that she decided to start her own business.

Cost Savings of Faux Wedding Floral Arrangements

Alyssa reaped the cost benefits of going faux for her own wedding, but exactly how much cheaper are silk flower arrangements?

High-end faux arrangements, such as from The Rogue Petal Co., run at least one third less than natural flower bouquets; Usually, because no refrigeration, delivery, or day-of installation costs exist with faux arrangements. Maybe a shipping fee if the client is out of state.

We want our arrangements to be as in-line with the vision of the couple, look realistic, and not break the bank, Alyssa says. Often the stems are a blend of silk, plastic, real touch, and sometimes dried flowers as well.

#1 Reason to go Faux

Although cost savings is a huge win, Alyssa feels that convenience is actually the number one reason why couples decide to go with faux wedding florals.

“I think convenience wins for the number one spot. In the last few years, the quality of faux stems has improved significantly. You can have beautiful arrangements without sacrificing what you really want, due to constraints on flower availability, season, or geographic location.”

Other Advantages of Faux Wedding Flowers 

· “Pick any color palette, any flower type, no problem … a big bouquet full of peonies in the fall? Yep, that works! You have the ability to stay in the confines of tradition or get really creative with your arrangements,” says Alyssa.

· “Get the arrangements as far in advance before the event as you’d like; we’re talking a whole year if you want to jump on it that early. They’re then tucked away with the rest of the décor so you can focus on all the other details leading up to the big day.”

· Pack in Your Suitcase… “Couples eloping or heading to a destination wedding are perfect candidates for going faux. Plus, it eliminates the task of searching for a local florist that may or may not exist on the island or destination.”

· “Faux is an option for those more eco-conscious. The stems are not being transported on refrigerated freights from far and warmer climate countries. There’s also no land being used to grow them. Or water used to keep them alive.”

· “Re-use and re-purpose the arrangements for home decor, holiday pieces, or other event decor. Or, donate to those in need of pretty flowers in their life—family, friends, nursing home residents, or hospital patients in need of a little pick me up.”

At the end of the day…

It’s all about what you want.

Let’s be honest, for some couples there’s no comparison between real and faux, and that’s okay. “If a couple can afford real flowers on their wedding day, and they’re the flowers they want, I wouldn’t try to convince them otherwise, ” Alyssa says.

But thanks to businesses like The Rogue Petal Co., lower flower budgets can afford beautiful, life-like creations that last forever.

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