maryland summer wedding tips

Getting married this summer? Know exactly how to stay calm… and cool… with these Maryland summer wedding tips:

Consider an evening ceremony (if you’re getting married outside)…

Ceremonies during prime daylight hours with harsh sun will be very uncomfortable for you and your guests. You don’t want to feel so miserable as to distract you from your own vows and ceremony, right?! Evening ceremonies provide some relief with temperature and sun… and remember, you can go as late as 7 or 7:30 pm and still have plenty of light outside for photos.

Create wedding programs that are hand held fans, and set them on every chair

Your guests will be SO THANKFUL they have something to provide some breeze with Maryland wedding humidity.

Purchase a wedding gown with breathable material

Summer wedding gown, maryland summer weddings

You may LOVE the gown, but if it’s a heavy material, you may wish you’d gone another route. OR… if you must wear a heavier gown… consider it for your ceremony and then having a backup, lighter dress to change into later.

Go semi formal or even casual for dress code

If anything else, consider making sport coats optional for the men…

Summer wedding, no sport coat

Offer a cold beverage station at the entrance to your ceremony

Wedding beverage station, summer weddings, maryland wedding

Guests can stay hydrated with a nice cold glass of iced tea or lemonade before sitting down. Combined with the wedding program fans we mentioned above, both will help keep them considerably more comfortable during an outdoor wedding.

Serve gourmet pop sickles as part of your desserts or cocktail fare…

A delicious, refreshing choice – and with endless options for colors and flavors! Your guests will LOVE them.

Make sure your makeup artist is packing

Summer wedding makeup, maryland weddings, valley bride wedding guide

Ensure that your makeup artist is prepared to seal in your makeup for a hot and humid wedding ceremony! Last thing you need is your face melting off before you even say “I Do.” So, make sure you ask all the important questions when selecting the right makeup artist regarding heat and your makeup. Oh! And keep an extra powder compact handy to help control shine on your face.

Add herbs to your tables to ward off insects

Summer weddings, rosemary potted plants, insect repellent

Don’t care for citronella candles? Fresh potted herbs such as basil, lavender and rosemary are natural insect repellents. They also make for beautiful decor and more affordable table settings versus large floral centerpieces.

Stay hydrated… with water!

summer wedding tips, bride drinking water

Remember, it’s easy to not eat enough food or drink enough water the day of your wedding thanks to nerves. But, you don’t want to dehydrate or overheat… so, remember to sip more than just champagne! Drink up that water.

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