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Maryland Dermatology Practice Gets You Glowing with Hydrafacial

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Feeling confident on your wedding day is all any bride wants. From fitness, to body image, to the health of your skin… you just want to feel like the best version of yourself. One Maryland Dermatology practice can help you do just that… and well beyond just your wedding…

I Skeptically Tried a Hydrafacial – Now I’m Hooked

I’m personally a patient of Maryland dermatology practice, Advanced Dermatology. When I realized they offered hydrafacial, I had to see for myself what this service was all about.

As someone who’s pretty skin conscious, a regular for traditional facials, and curious about new technologies… I decided to book an appointment.

So, the service literature claims that with just three steps, and about thirty minutes (for the express treatment) or an hour (for the full treatment), that the end result presents: exfoliated, extracted, hydrated, and protected skin. It also claims that hydrafacial offers painless suction to remove all the clogged congestion in the pores. No more painful extractions like from a regular spa facial. Sign me up.

My Experience Firsthand – just WOW!

I chose the half hour express version of the hydrafacial service. The first few minutes involved a full explanation of the entire process; I felt excellent about the foundation they provided.

Next, I sat in the chair, laid back as they cleansed and removed all makeup and sunscreen. When the suction began, I personally loved feeling all the years of neglect fleeing from the depths of my pores! I haven’t always been perfect with my skin… so, again, it was quite a satisfying feeling.

The actual device and head attachment used during my hydrafacial…
this little guy packs a punch.

I felt zero pain. Just a pleasant suction and a “spicy” sensation during the exfoliation portion. For me, they applied a glycolic acid to address some sun spots and forehead wrinkles. Again, not once did I ever feel uncertain about the activity taking place on my face – the communication was stellar.

The machine used on my face during my hydrafacial service!

Seeing is Believing

The final portion involved a layering of antioxidants and nourishing, hydrating peptides all over my face and neck. This left my skin feeling unlike any treatment or facial I have EVER experienced. But, the best part…
I got to see what came out of my face directly. And, boy, what a shock…

Check this out:

Behold: the funk extracted from my face, which was completely cleansed beforehand, and yet… THIS. Seeing is believing!

I left the office in awe, and a slightly reddened face due to the suction and the exfoliation – which is totally normal. Yet, I didn’t realize the full scope of the hydrafacial’s effectiveness until the following morning.

When I woke up and touched my skin… a glowing, silky soft, even toned, hydrated face awaited me in the mirror with squeaky clean pores!

And I only have to do this once every quarter? Sign me up again please.

How Many Treatments Should You Book Leading Up to Your Wedding?

Hydrafacial works best when applied once every two-three months. So, whether your wedding is in four weeks, four months, or one year from now, options await you to experience an amazing cleansing and exfoliation with lasting results.

By booking a hydrafacial with Advanced Dermatology, you can save 25% on your service. Mention you read about it on the Valley Bride website, too!
Contact Advanced Dermatology today to see for yourself – they have offices in Cockeysville, Bel Air and Towson.

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