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Maryland Country Wedding with a Touch of John Deere

maryland country wedding, valley bride wedding guide

This Maryland Country Wedding brings all the feels… and even more DETAILS! We’re so excited to publish this “elegance with a touch of John Deere” wedding – also coming in print within our fall/ winter magazine!

As told by the bride…

What can I say? Girls go out for drinks. Boys meet girls. Girls ditch boys. Wait that’s not romantic?

I met Joey a few years back through a mutual friend. He was trying to set him up with my best friend and told us his age (21 at the time), and we said “see ya later!” Haha. Not your typical romantic love story I guess. But here we are married now.

Maryland country wedding, valley bride wedding guide
Lauren Noel Photography

Joey and I became friends, but really he became a mentor to my boys. He raced dirt bikes, and my two boys thought he was the coolest thing since sliced bread. I was a single mom and had no clue what I was doing when it came to dirt bikes (tractors, chainsaws, weed wackers and the sort), so they were drawn to Joey immediately. It was their friendship that really drew me to him. Joey was always happy to come over and tinker with their bikes and show the boys how to ride.

For the first few months, I didn’t catch on that he was interested in me. I even tried to set him up with my sister (there’s a pattern here if you haven’t noticed)! We spent many summer nights out on my porch chatting until the wee hours. I’ll never forget the night before his birthday, he was turning 22 – so much older than 21 – and we had stayed up all night talking about who knows what. I looked at the clock and gave him a happy birthday peck on the cheek. Then he took another woman to the races the next day. I’ll never let him live that down now. At the time, I just saw him as a great guy who loved spending time with my boys; I wasn’t aware I was part of the equation.

It wasn’t until the 4th of July that year that I realized maybe I was missing something my children had already discovered.

We woke up at the crack of dawn and hopped in Joey’s pickup to head to Frederick for one of the biggest races the kids would have seen to date. En route, the boys acted like animals. They usually do. They were so excited to go racing and watch Joey and the others ride the 1/2 mile track. They kept hooting and hollering and carrying on, but Joey just drove. He didn’t react. Wasn’t upset they were being so loud. His calmness calmed me. Later that day I paid more attention to the way he cared for them. He was patient and kind. He didn’t fluster or get annoyed with their questions and willingness to help (or hinder) with anything they could. And that was it. Watching the three of them together made sense and made my heart feel fuller than it had in years.

Maryland Country Wedding, valley bride wedding guide

Once I knew what I wanted, I went through the very awkward stage of trying to woo him. Apparently any game I thought I had I lost years ago. It was comical for all to endure. I suddenly found myself swooning over a man who had been patiently waiting for me to come around for months. And he didn’t just give in… that’s not who my husband is. He comically brushed off my efforts at flirting and waited until I was standing on the front porch babbling on about me and him… and him and the kids… and how I wouldn’t want to hurt their friendship… before he picked me up and swept me off my feet. And that’s all she wrote.

Two houses, lots of dirt bikes, way too many dead goldfish, a lot of love and some occasional bickering later… here we are. Our little family of four didn’t begin like some, but it did form organically, and we are so lucky to have one another.

Wedding Vendors:

Design: Amanda Alexander Design
Photography: Lauren Noel Photography
Venue: Private Farm
Catering: Outlaw BBQ Smokehouse
Flowers: Mt. Washington Tavern, (Holly Frisch, Lindsay Irvin, Marguerite Kuzo)
Gown Designer: Allure
Menswear: Men’s Wear House
Hair and Makeup: The Zone Salon
Rings: Hunt Valley Jewelers
DJ: Mark Elzey
Cake: Kris Herman-Ries
Desserts: Bertucco’s Bakery
Favors: Beltway Blooms
Wedding Cake Topper: The Letter Loft UK

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