An Interview with Ashley Godwin, Maryland Bridal Hairstylist

By Kelly Smith

Every bride has a different vision of that perfect look they are trying to achieve on their big day. Whether you are going for elegant, romantic, simple, or glamorous… most can agree that bringing together a timeless look with trending details is key. 

For specifics, we sought out answers from Maryland bridal hairstylist Ashley Godwin, of Soiree The Salon Experience, on all of those questions you’ve been eager to ask…

Booking the Stylist

When it comes to booking a hair stylist Ashley suggests “The sooner the better.” Especially if your event is “prime time or close to a holiday.” 

Typically, a good rule of thumb is calling the salon or stylist at least 6-9 months in advance. You’ll feel like a celebrity on your wedding day with the number of photos centered on you, so be sure that you book the hairstylist of your dreams at the first opportunity possible.

Trial Run

Rehearsing your updo with a stylist is crucial if you want to ace your look on your big day. Typically, it’s best to check this item off the to do list “6-8 weeks before the wedding so it’s fresh for everyone to remember the day of.” Completing the trial too soon may leave you with too much time to start second guessing your updo. 

Also, don’t forget to bring pictures of examples you like for clarity, and speak up if it’s not exactly what you wanted! Better to figure out the kinks sooner rather than later.

Prepping for the Big Day

We’ve often heard that second day hair is best to work with when it comes to an updo. I decided to broach this topic with a professional to see if it’s okay to wash your hair the day of the wedding. Ashley squashed this myth and recommended that the bride just wash and dry their hair several hours before her arrival. Freshly shampooed” hair does make the stylists job a bit more difficult, but it can be washed the morning of the wedding. Luckily for us there are plenty of products to help the stylist achieve that perfect look no matter when you last washed your hair.

Timeline of Events

Exactly how much time should you allot on your timeline for an updo the day of the wedding? According to Ashley it’s best to leave this up to your individual stylist. Every hairstyle is different, and the length of time varies among the stylists as well. Some are just simply faster than others.  Ensuring that the timeline isn’t squeezed too tightly is a must. After all, ideally the purpose of the day is for “everyone to be relaxed and have fun.”

Showing your Gratitude

At the end of your service, don’t forget to tip your hairstylist. It’s no different than going to your hair salon for routine maintenance where it’s customary to tip your stylist 15-25%. Unless you’re told otherwise, stylists don’t include tipping in the quote they give you. If you loved your experience, show them.” Be sure to recognize if your hair stylist went above and beyond, or stepped in and offered to do something extra. 

A Glimpse of Ashley’s Favorite Timeless Bridal Looks:

maryland bridal hairstyles
Photographed by Kimberly Dean Photos
maryland bridal hairstyles
Photographed by Rafael Soldi Photography
maryland bridal style
Photographed by Carly Fuller Photography
maryland bridal hairstyles
Photographed by Susie Herwig
Photographed by Kimberly Dean Photos
maryland bridal hair
Photographed by @photosbysteveandjane

Soirée the Salon Experience is located right in Cockeysville Maryland! They provide full services from hair and makeup to nails and waxing.

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