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Maryland Bridal Boutique, Gamberdella, Transforms the Wedding Gown Shopping Experience

Facetime Screen at Gamberdella Bridal

Purchasing your wedding gown is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a bride no matter how elaborate or simple the dress. That’s because it serves as a reflection – even an extension – of YOU in fabric form! And Maryland Bridal Boutique, Gamberdella, is changing that entire experience… raising the bar… and even setting the new norm for the future.

It’s all thanks to in-store technology…

In the image below, you see a bride on Gamberdella’s massive Facetime screen; but at your own appointment… that screen presents the faces of your loved ones. Whether it be a best friend on the West Coast… or your mom in another state… the choice is yours to make the most of your gown search.

There’s nothing better than bringing someone into the room whom otherwise couldn’t be there” says Mary Gamberdella.

A Holiday Joke that Changed Everything for this Maryland Bridal Boutique…

Mary Gamberdella considered retiring after 40 years in the wedding gown business. During the holidays a few years ago, her cousin Brian asked her how business was going. When she implied she may retire very soon, he quickly responded with… “No! You Can’t! I have four daughters!”

While they both had a good laugh, the ideas began stirring between the cousins; and the consensus resulted in a massive upgrade and renovation for Gamberdella.

Since re-opening their doors in March of 2019, business is good. Very good, as the screen technology continues to make a massive emotional impact for so many brides-to-be searching for their Maryland wedding gowns.

“Facetime has been a big hit…” Mary says. “Brian came up with all of the technology… that was all him.”

Brian responds with…

“Gamberdella has created ‘experiences’ for brides spanning over 40 years. So, using technology to further enhance that experience just seemed natural, especially for this new generation of brides…”

Everyone from friends out of state… mothers… grandmothers… and even the actual gown designers appear on the screens for Mary’s clients. In fact, one recent “Gamby Girl,” Lindsey, had this to say about the new technology:

“I’ve had the privileged of seeing the shop evolve since I was young, with Mary having dressed much of my family, including myself for other events. My bridal experience at Gamberdella’s was beyond a dream, and the new technology was just the icing on the cake!

All the new features provided such an elevated touch, from the green screen, to envision my wedding day, to being able to FaceTime with a loved one right on the spot, there’s truly nothing like it. I could have stood there all day in front of the big screen looking at the gallery of photos of all the Gamberdella brides. Not to mention the incredible staff who go above and beyond and make you feel right at home. You can’t get this experience anywhere else.” – Lindsey Ercole

Lauren Daue Photography

Selecting Your Maryland Bridal Shop – what will be your first stop?

Obviously, there are so many choices to make when it comes to Maryland Bridal shops and boutiques. But, if you’re truly searching for dream dress + an unparalleled experience… then, visit Gamberdella on 30 W. Pennsylvania Avenue in Towson.

Maryland Bridal Boutique, Gamberdella

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