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Maryland Bridal Makeup – What Owen Michael O’Donnell Wants You to Know

Owen Michael O’Donnell, Baltimore Makeup Artist of Owen Michael Cosmetics, has some tips for your fall Maryland bridal makeup, as well as any time of the year, in this exclusive photo session and interview with Valley Bride! 

VALLEY BRIDE: Let’s start with the big question… what’s trending for fall with Maryland Bridal Makeup? 

OWEN: Blues, bronzes, plums… all in “controlled doses” if you will. We’re seeing a lot of jewel tones and frosted shades making a comeback. There’s also some influence from Indian weddings, such as a subtle rhinestone on the cheek or near the eye; a subtle influence that’s not going to look out of place in ten years. 

Maryland Bridal Makeup

VALLEY BRIDE: What color choices did you make for this bride? 

OWEN: I selected Plum Princess blush, Provoke cream shadow with Baltimore’s Best shadow palette; Homeland Hon lipstick with a coat of our Bridezilla lip stain as a base. I chose a cream compact foundation from my line for this bride as well.

Many of these shades look a lot darker if you were to look at them in their cases. I advise brides NOT to select their own makeup colors because the colors can look so different when on the skin.

Maryland bridal makeup

VALLEY BRIDE: We see you’re using bronzer, so it’s not just for summer obviously…

OWEN: You don’t need to want to look tan to use bronzer. I use it all year round on my clients, and if softens features and actually brings some of the color back to your face that you may have lost with a lot of foundation; it makes you look less like you’re wearing a lot of makeup actually. I use it on everyone, even fair-skinned brides. 

VALLEY BRIDE: We also noticed you’re not airbrushing the model… many people think airbrushing is the only way to go for flawless makeup that will last all day. 

OWEN: I’m not personally a huge fan of airbrushing. I was trained a certain way, and I feel that you lose the ability to layer the makeup in specific ways… in specific places… for your subject and their unique features. For me, I always prefer non airbrush.

Maryland Wedding Photographer, Kimberly Dean
Photography by Kimberly Dean Photos

VALLEY BRIDE: What about lashes? Do you push strip lashes for most of your brides? 

OWEN: Actually, not always – I really listen to what they want and try to make suggestions based on that. I certainly use my share of strip lashes, but if a bride really wants to have people guessing if they are real, I suggest trying lash extensions or nova lash a few months before the wedding. Surprisingly, our model’s lashes are REAL, and I did not use strip lashes on her. 

VALLEY BRIDE: What is the #1 thing you want brides to know – if you could pick just one – regarding Maryland makeup artists? 

Maryland Bridal Makeup, Owen O'Donnell

OWEN: Go classic with your makeup, along with perhaps a tiny risk or little feature that’s trendy. You don’t want to look out of place in ten years when you go back to look at your wedding images. 

Special thank you to our models, Heather Lindsey and Joseph Ross Galeano (IG handles: @hth33 and @stellafellajg

Maryland Wedding Photography, Kimberly Dean Photos

Tuxedo provided by: Tuxedo House 

Dress provided by: Francesca’s Bridal 

Dress Designer: Carolina Herrera

Bridal hair provided by Abigail Schmidt of Uno the Salon 

Maryland Bridal Makeup, Owen O'Donnell, Kimberly Dean Photos

For wedding day makeup inquiries, or just questions about bridal makeup – or any makeup consultation – contact Owen at:

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