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How Two Pals Created a Booming Doggy Day-Care Enteprise for Weddings

by Kimberly Dean

They are there for you for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health… so shouldn’t they be there for the most special moment of your life?!

This is what you’ll read upon visiting the website of Furever and Fur Always… and isn’t it so true? Can you imagine your big day without your four legged baby? 

Many couples can’t. Yet, to include Fluffy in their wedding party can bring on some big problems… what do to with her before and after the ceremony?! Having to ask a friend or family member to leave the wedding… or awkwardly ask somebody not invited to the wedding to take care of these arrangements can lead to many couples foregoing the idea altogether.

Two women realized this wasn’t okay. By any means… so they’ve thankfully come to the rescue with a doggy care and chauffeur business. One that enables couples live out their dream of including their furry companions in their weddings.

These ladies pick up your pooch, bring him to the wedding and then transport him home with as much or as little care as needed. If you’re doggy needs fed and walked that evening… or even a place to stay the night… no problem.

The Furever and Fur Always packages offer a wide variety of care options, which can even extend into your engagement photo shoot. Let’s say you want to take some of your engagement pictures with your dog, but not all… Tehya and Tiffany can accommodate and watch your baby while you finish your shoot eliminating the hassle of leaving your dog in the car or having to hold him the rest of the session. This option can be added into a wedding package or always purchased separately.

Donating a portion of all package costs to three major pet adoption groups: BARCS, Maryland SPCA, and Small Miracles Cat and Dog Rescue make the services even more rewarding for all parties. Just when you think these ladies have thought of it all… wait. They can even make your dog a wedding wreath collar to match your wedding colors. Yes… really!

The process of working with Tehya and Tiffany begins with a meet and greet with each couple and pooch a week or so before the wedding. This allows owners the face to face interaction to gain a sense of trust and comfort, and it’s great for the dogs to sniff and meet their potential handlers and new friends as well. The duo takes pride in knowing that couples are comfortable and trusting in their professionalism and care. 

So how did these two unite and conceptualize this business idea in the first place? It all began in college… Tehya and Tiffany met in their sorority at University of Maryland and developed a special bond. Remaining friends and even roommates years after graduating, they always felt they wanted to create their own business together. While juggling a few ideas, one ultimately stood out… a mutual love for dogs. They jokingly admit that once the idea hit them, they had a business name in two minutes.

Both quite successful in their full time careers (Tiffany a lawyer and Tehya a sales executive), their professional skills and natural m arketing senses helped them to create such a successful and smart business model.

“We asked ourselves what do we love? DOGS! What have we been involved in recently? WEDDINGS!”

What has been a common complaint at many of these weddings? That the bride and groom wanted their four-legged friend included on their special day, but there was no stress-free way. It was clear that we could start a service that would help other brides and grooms that end up in the same situation. We decided it was time to start something that we were truly passionate about, and Furever and 
Fur Always was born!”

And couples are thankful… so very thankful to be able to include ALL of their loved ones – two legged and four – in the best day of their lives!

To contact Tehya and Tiffany, visit them at

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