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Find Sassi Holford Gowns in Maryland – Only at Gamberdella

Sassi Holford in Maryland

Seeking Sassi Holford gowns in Maryland? Or… within the entire Northeast for that matter?

There’s only one boutique in the state and NE territory carrying the line, and that’s Gamberdella Bridal. For nearly two years, the bridal boutique has carried the English crafted gowns.

Hailed for superior cuts, phenomenal lines, and breathtaking modern fabrics, Sassi Holford gowns deliver the utmost of elegance and sophisitcation. For the past 38 years, she’s visualized and designed luxury wedding and formal wear. In fact, her talented ateliers make every single gown in England to ensure the finest craftsmanship.

Sassi Holford Gowns in Maryland

In the summer of 2018, Sassi Holford approached Mary Gamberdella about expanding the brand into the U.S. Northeast region. Ever since, brides make the voyage to Mary’s shop all the way from New York… even Boston.

What attracted Mary to Sassi’s gowns was the elegance and sophistication that goes into the designs, the delectable fabrics, and the silhouettes these gowns create on their brides.

One of Mary Gamberdella’s very own family members (pictured below) chose a Sassi Holford gown for her recent wedding day this year.

The details in the fabrics, the light and airy flow of the skirt… and the fit on Kellie are nothing short of exquisite. What we love about this dress is how incredibly comfortable it looks, too. When you add superior comfort to the mix, that’s a WINNING GOWN – it’s no wonder she chose the Amelia.

Sassi Holford gowns in Maryland
Photographed by Tori Watson
Notice the detail and flow of the skirt’s fabric…
Photographed by Tori Watson

“It was not what I had ever imagined I would wear to walk down the aisle, but it was the first time I felt like a bride. The dress wasn’t me; it was bold with its floral detail and full flowing skirt. It had a soft but low neckline; a drastic change from my modest, muted wardrobe. On my wedding day, I wore Amelia – a dress so beautiful you would never believe how comfortable was. It was simple and well designed with thoughtfully placed details. 

As I prepared to walk down the aisle, I knew my future husband Tom would be absolutely shocked. He always encourages me to add fun colors and patterns into my wardrobe, but I usually gravitate back to muted and simple details. 

On my wedding day I felt like my best, most confident self all because I picked a dress that wasn’t me but became mine.” – Kellie

What started Sassi Holford’s bridal career was a friend in need of a wedding gown… flashing back to 1981. Since designing that gown, Sassi’s passion for creating luxury clothing for women catapulted her name to the global status we know today. Her love of design and dedication to perfection show within every piece she creates.

Whether bridal, occasion or evening wear, the bespoke couture service from Sassi Holford produces timeless clothes to be treasured – the versatile styling providing endless possibilities for our clients’ wardrobes. – Sassi Holdford Team

Just One Stop…

So, when it comes to searching for Sassi Holford gowns in Maryland and the entire Northeast… look no further than Gamberdella. Mary’s boutique is the ONLY one where you can find Sassi’s gowns from Virginia through Maine – with the next closest being in North Carolina.

What makes the trip so worth it for locals and non-locals alike is the care and attention every visiting bride receives from Mary’s staff and the massive Facetime and green screen awaiting them. “What’s that again?” you may ask? You heard us right.

Imagine a Facetime screen the size of a full length mirror where you can show off a potential gown to a family member back in Boston or New York? It’s waiting for you at Gamberdella. So long are the days where a dozen women have to physically accompany a bride to find the perfect dress… now, thanks to this technology upgrade, your best friend in Florida can join you at your dress fitting from the beach.

Mary and her cousin Brian far exceeded even their own expectations after remodeling and upgrading their boutique last year. These advancements are changing the entire bridal experience… read more about it right here!

Sassi Holford gowns in Maryland
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