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Modern Trousseau – Turning Dreams into Dresses for 33 Years…

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Photographed and written by Kimberly Dean, Publisher

Beyond the French silk and Italian lace exist the visionaries behind some of the last true couture gowns in America.

A Baltimore Bridal Boutique Providing a Couture Experience for Every Bride…

Whether you’re walking into Modern Trousseau’s Baltimore Bridal Boutique with a $2,000 budget, or a $10,000 budget, your unique body shape molds the muslin before any lace is severed.

Modern Trousseau sews every inch of every gown right here in the United States and values relationship above all else.

I realized this first hand…

Bride posing at Baltimore Bridal Boutique Modern Trousseau - shot by Kimberly Dean Photos
Our stunning model posing at a the Baltimore Bridal Boutique, Modern Trousseau – shot by Kimberly Dean Photos

The phone rang, and on the other end was the GM and co-owner calling to emphasize the value of relationships to him and the Modern Trousseau culture.

David shared this story:

A mother and daughter arrived to the Nashville boutique wearing flannel shirts and jeans having just flown in from their cattle ranch in Omaha. The bride explains that she needs gown that makes her feel pretty AND, most importantly, one that allows her to ride her horse…

After 4.5 hours in the boutique, David crafted a design plan for a dress that would make her glow AND ensure she can ride her horse off into the sunset. But, what she asked next and David’s response really demonstrates the value of relationship to Modern Trousseau: “What boots should I wear?”

So, being in Nashville, David suggested they all go boot shopping right then and there.

Bride twirling in Baltimore Bridal Boutique Modern Trousseau with photo shoot by Kimberly Dean
Photographed by Kimberly Dean Photos – Shot within the Balitmore boutique

Months later, after the wedding, David arrives to the Nashville boutique to find a man in blue jeans and a flannel shirt waiting for him. Turns out, the mother of the bride sent her son to deliver homemade oatmeal raisin cookies in person… from Omaha… who then turned around and flew right back after handing off to David. Mailing them just wouldn’t do. It had to be done in person.

Serving as Your Neighborhood Bridal Boutique…

Although Modern Trousseau operates nine flagship stores here in the U.S. alone, and has dressed celebrities, even royalty, you can still walk into any of their locations and feel like it’s YOUR neighborhood boutique.

baltimore bridal boutique, modern trousseau, couture gown, kimberly dean photos

Relationships are just one element of what makes a design house like Modern Trousseau flourish. The other is the obvious: STYLE… timeless style.

Dozens upon dozens of gowns adorn the Baltimore, MD boutique; some brand new designs and some decades old. But, gowns that never “expired” and never will.

As lead designer and owner of Modern Trousseau, Callie Tein, puts it, “I don’t believe in trends. I believe in style. Style is timeless.” 

modern trousseau bridal boutique, baltimore bridal boutique, valley bride wedding guide, Kimberly Dean photos
Winter Bridal inspiration – shot within the Baltimore boutique

Australian born designer Callie Tein realized her passion for fashion as a small child. She organized her own fashion shows modeling her mother’s evening gowns from the 60s and 70s. Later, she discovered just how much fashion played a role in her own memories, including her own prom and wedding. For Callie, there was a very special relationship between that fabric, or handbag, or pair of shoes. Those pieces contributed to major mile-stones in her life…

In 1986, she launched a career customizing gowns, one by one, starting with just a sketch on paper. Designing for those with low budgets, high budgets, and all budgets in between – nothing has changed as Callie Tein continues to turn dreams into dresses 33 years later.

Visit Modern Trousseau at 1429 Aliceanna Street in Harbor East.