Bride Laughing

When it comes to bridal makeup, the last thing you want is to look like stranger when you greet your love at the alter. Thus, selecting the right professional makeup artist, who will listen to your needs and schedule a bridal makeup trial, is crucial. So, we met with makeup artist, Megan Horst, from Soiree Salon who let us crash one of her bridal makeup trials. Step-by-step, she showed us how to achieve natural glamor with this gorgeous bride-to-be (also a Meghan!). Here’s the documentary of Megan and Meghan working together to perfect a bridal look…
 We wanted a fresh, timeless, natural, but glamorous look. She (the bride) showed me a few pictures of the makeup styles she was drawn to and loved. I appreciate it when brides show me pictures… it helps us to get on the same page and inspires me. – Megan Horst, MUA

First, Megan analyzes the bride’s skin and considers the time of year of the wedding. For instance, during the summer months heat and humidity can make a huge impact on the longevity of the makeup. Considering that this particular wedding was taking place in the summer, along with the bride’s skin type (oily), the choice was simple. Airbrush makeup. Megan uses Temptu (silicon based) airbrush foundation because it’s fresh and non-transferable (won’t melt off in hot weather).
 SKIN PREP Megan preps the skin by applying a primer in oily areas and minimal concealer to create an even pallet for the foundation. This also helps to keep the foundation to a minimum and keeps the skin looking fresh and luminous.
 AIRBRUSH APPLICATION Megan goes over any blemishes with the airbrush followed by layers of sheer to full coverage, depending on the bride.
 HIGHLIGHTING AND CONTOURING Megan uses highlighting and contouring to enhance facial features. She keeps the contouring to a minimum – to maintain a fresh youthful look – touching on the cheek bones, under the jaw, and the nose and hairline. She highlights the top of the cheekbones, brow bones, Cupid’s bow, and the nose. 
 ADDING SOME COLOR Moving on to the cheeks and eyelids, Megan blends a variety of hues to complement Meghan’s skin tone. 
 EYES Megan likes to apply eye shadow as she goes, layer by layer, to see what the eye really needs. She uses a pencil liner between all lashes to create volume, and then curls the lashes. I like clients to curl their own eyelashes while I hold the mirror for them. It makes a huge difference in the outcome of the eye makeup.
 FALSE EYELASHES After applying mascara, Megan decides on enhancing the eyelashes with a full strip, half strip, or just a few extra cluster lashes. [Note: If unsure whether falsies are a good idea for you… the answer is usually a YES, especially for wedding pictures. Try them during your makeup trial if you’re on the fence. It’s what